never kills war

It destroys what it can destroy

and it starts again

in order to destroy again”


Collide Theatre invites you on an experimental new opera; a musical journey through a war’s noise and the silence of its aftermath. Written in 2015 by one of Greece’s most prominent writers, Dimitris Dimitriades, TROY is a raw account of the destruction that war brings upon a human soul.

Translated and directed by Emily Louizou, with an original music composition by David Denyer, we ask you to join our exploration of the unsolvable human need to create horror and violence.

In our production, a chorus of three female actor-musicians sing, play, and collectively bring the ghosts of the past back from Hades. Our chorus presents the accounts of three generations, three perceived symbols of masculine power: The King of Troy, his son, and his grandson. All of them were brutally killed by the Greeks but their voices return to ask for more war.

TROY foregrounds the defeated of the Trojan War in order to speak about the wars of the past, the wars of the present, and the wars of the future. This machine of annihilation which humanity has created and does not seem to want to bring to an end. But this is not yet another show about war, it is an ode to humanity.

One vicious cycle. Three female voices. Countless wars.


A co-production of Collide Theatre, Voila Europe Festival, the Cockpit and Etcetera Theatre.

Funded by the Arts Council England. 


Running time: approx. 50 minutes.

As part of VOILA Europe Festival:


11th November: 4pm

13th November: 7pm

15th November: 8:45pm (followed by a post-show Q+A)



Etcetera Theatre (265 Camden High St, Camden Town, London NW1 7BU, UK) – Above the Oxford Arms pub in Camden


Book your tickets here


Written by Dimitris Dimitriadis

Directed & Translated by Emily Louizou

Music Composed by David Denyer

Designed by Ioana Curelea

Movement by Ioli Filippakopoulou

Produced by Rachel Horowitz

Assistant Producer: Anya Dye


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